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My inspiration for this book came through my real life experience that many face and choose to accept. I was forced to fight or be forced from my home. Throughout the process many obstacles came my way that tested my endurance and could have driven me to quit. I took a stance and refused to fall prey to the system.

Municipalities count on the fact that appealing your tax assessment can be cumbersome and many taxpayers will walk away.

With my success at each level I found the energy to go on. This book is my success story, of seeking justice in a supreme court proceeding to obtain a fair assessment on my home against “all” odds.

After the ordeal I felt compelled to do something to get the word out to fellow taxpayers that have been wronged over the years in The State of New York. If I were treated fairly I may have ended it once I obtained the appropriate reduction in my assessment.

After numerous pleas that fell upon deaf ears I decided to fight back not only in my particular case but for “all’ tax payers in the State of New York.

The book not only tells my compelling story it will assist property owners in appealing their tax assessment.

I have outlined fundamental fault with the entire tax assessment process and put together a step-by-step process that will increase your chances in obtaining a fair assessment.

40% to 60% of HOMES in the State of New York are either over assessed or not assessed properly. There is research and statistics to support this.

If you choose to appeal your assessment you can realize an annual savings on your tax bill. I reduced my tax liability by roughly $2,200.00 annually.



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